Stupid construction

Been a long time since I’ve been here…

What better way to start than with a stupid query to all you cdfreaks!

Whats the stupidest, coolest or even the most dangerous thing that you’ve ever built?

I guess i can start off with all three in one: A home made pressurized water gun (like a super soaker) that shot water a good 30 feet! Easily cool, right? and since we used it to shoot squirrels out of my trees its also very stupid; albiet useful. But my friend decided that he would try using it for something else, namely a flamethrower. Well a propane torch and a gallon of denatured alcohol later i have different tool (melts snow on my driveway real quick!) and finally a very dangerous one too.

There are allways potato canons made from pvc pipe, a coil, a spark plug, a torch head, a propane canister etc. I try not to do stupid things like that anymore though. This is kind of stupid and kind of cool (or maybe it’s just totally lame). Its a plug and play (almost, you may have to change jumpers) adapter to power on and load a second power supply for lights and peltiers and stuff. This is an old prototype but it is the only pic I had uploaded.
It allows stuff like this (this is an old pic when I was only half done but you know, it was all I had uploaded).
And this
The heatsink fan isn’t installed in this pic (but you know, it was all I had uploaded).
The peltier on the back of the case was stupid I guess because it only gave a 1-2 degree drop (it was only a 45 watt pelt). I have another 45 watt pelt that I want to stack with it if I ever become unlasy again.