;) Stupid commercials, place 'em here

All over the world there are commercials and advertisements that really rock, or just suck big time. How good or bad they are is of course different to each others taste. The purpose of this thread is show eachother how things are marketed all over the world.

I’ll shoot off with a advertisement from a dutch phone compagny, which I consider utter gay and jet very funny…

Please add your content, in movie or picture… :flower:

Would you buy this?

Bearded men in yellow tights rule!
So should we post only stupid and funny commercials here or is it enough if its either stupid or funny? :slight_smile:
I was going to post Crazy Frog but I think I’ll spare you that one, seeing as every living organism on the planet must have seen it, even whales.

Offcourse I prefer funny… But stupid and funny will also do.

btw. Crazy Frog isn’t funny, it’s just plane studip crapp. :wink:

Anyway, think of local commericials

Well, not all of these are local, but this is a great site for annoying commercials: Commercials I Hate :iagree:


you just gotta snicker at that one…

HAHAHA… This is what I had in mind… It rocks! :bigsmile:

ty…heres a christmas one…i don’t even understand what he is saying but do we really care? http://www.i-yo.com/en/xmas_video.php

ok for all the weight lifters out there …this ones for you …http://www.cakemedia.com/cinema/html/trojan%20lifting.htm

Anyone have a Trunk Monkey?

Want a donut?

Thrown off a bridge

this one from australia, well wish i cud show u guyz but can’t

anywayz…this guy’s about to take a cigarette, and this whole cheer team (guys) start going “no garry, no…”, and this whole parade thing goes on. it’s suppose to promote nicorete patches (can’t spell )…hmm…i wonder if there’s somewhere u can get tv commericals on the net

hehehe… bad day at work :iagree:

Would that “parade” be the Gay Mardi Gras?

Would that “parade” be the Gay Mardi Gras?

hehehe…u wish :D…

and here’s another funny one…it’s like some private hospital cover commercial. this guys at work, and like sayin to one of his mates or something about clubbin (can’t remember), and he start’s “busting” some moves, it’s quite funny how he does it, and brakes his back…hehehe

ehrm Sexy Southerners avatar, telling visual jokes isnt that fun :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thats about as great as someone telling you about porn…come on SHOW us!!!

Now one from the Canadians…on sex education…

Sorry but I had to. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh i LOVE that!

is it possible to d/l autralian commericals off the net? i wanna get some of my favourites :smiley:

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