Stunning 12x Results -- Lite On 1613S!

I picked up a Lite On 1613S drive from Wal-mart last night after returning a faulty 1633S to a local computer store. I just tested MCC04 at 12x on this drive, and I was frankly surprised. I’ve read that 12x is slow with this drive, but this is not the case for me. I burned a full DVD disc in 6:24. I wasn’t smart enough to save the screenshot at the time. I then did kprobe and I was pretty amazed at the good result considering all the negative energy floating this drive. I accidently left the Ricohjpn 01 strat on, don’t know if this helped any. I will burn another disc when I get home to show that it only took 6:24 to burn the disc if anyone is interested. Later! :slight_smile:

I’ve oversped TY T01 media (4x) to 12x and got similar results. But no luck at 16x for either TY T01 or T02.

Whenever I tick 12x for T01 or Ricoh 01 I only see 8x available in burning programs. Am I doing something wrong?

Sounds like you’re not using the latest version of OP.

BTW, a straight speedhack would result in coastering. Swap the T01 to T02.