I’m trying to copy some CD ROMS which are multi media training cd’s.

I’ve selected the Multi Media profile and the copy process completes without any problems. When I check the cd, all the files appear to be there. However, when I try to run the PC ROM, the cd drive seems to have trouble reading the CD ROM, it eventually does read the drive and displays the initial menu. When I try to run the tutorial however it gives me a Windows error, saying it can’t read a particular memory segment.

Has anyone come across this, would be grateful for any help pls :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bad burn. Post your burner model, CD-R media code and the program you used to burn it.

My burner model is a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2102, I’m using CloneCD v4.3, the media I’m trying to copy to is: IMATATION, CD-R 700MB/80MIN, The information CloneCD gives on Media and drive is as follows :

Device Capabilities:
Note: This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. CloneCD does not use this information!
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Product: DVD-ROM SD-R2102
Revision: 1006
Can read CD-R Discs: Yes
Can read CD-RW Discs: Yes
Can read DVD Discs: Yes
Can read MultiSession Discs: Yes
Can read Digital Audio Discs: Yes
Digital Audio Data is accurate: Yes
Can write CD-R Discs: Yes
Can write CD-RW Discs: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO: No
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports Buffer Underrun Protection: Yes

Info on inserted Disc:
Number of sessions: 1
Size used on Disc: 770397 kBytes
Sectors: 335411
Time: 74:32:11 (Min:Sec:Fra)

Info on Session 1:
Size used in Session: 770397 kBytes
Number of Tracks: 1
Track 1: Data Mode 1, Size: 770397 kBytes

I have copied other similar CD ROMS, so a bit confused by this one.


Try scanning the Discs with ARay Scanner. This will tell you if there is any protection on the disc that is stopping it being burnt correctly.

If there is not protection which I would guess at, then try using CloneCD Normal profile but read and write at say 4 speed.

Hope that helps.


I ran the ARay Scanner and it told me that the disc was Safedisc 2.90, 2.9.040 detected —> e:\system\Ta-Menu.exe

I downloaded the CloneCD profiles from cdfreaks forum and ran CloneCD with profile SafeDisc 2.9x.

Once again the disc copied ok with no error, all the files appear to be on the disc. When I run the disc, it loads the initial menu but when I select Run, the drive jigs around (I’m sure that’s not a technical term :-)) for a while and then gives me the following error:

TA - Menue.exe Application Error

The Instruction at 0x100548ed refrerenced by 0x20014000, the memory could not be read.

It’s wierd as the menu.exe its referring to is also listed in the ARay Scanner output.

As you suggested, I ran the same profile x4 (not x8) and also ran basic copy x4 but all to no avail, do you have any other suggestions?


SD 2 is very hardware dependant. Use Alcohol 120% and the Safedisc 2/3 profile to make the image. Have a look here or here (look for 2 sheep burners!) to see if your writer is capable of making a backup.

//Edit: I just had a look. Your drive isn’t on the list, but I think it is a 2 sheep burner.