in my search for a dvd writer and after reading several reviews, ideas, post etc etc, i have had such conflicting answers i am struggling.

I think iam going with either the BenQ 6120pro or the NEC3500a/MAdDog.

I THINK. just want to get on burning but just need the final push for someone out there. or am i of the track completely on the above drives.

Also if the way forward turns out to be the Benqpro then do u think i can find one for sale… NO.

help pls, newbie in need.



eather of thouse drives should serve you well, the final dissision is down to peronal requierments. i brought the nec3500 because its readaly avalible in the uk and nearly half the price compared to the benq. have a browse in the benq and nec sub-forum also which ever one you buy remember to feed it quality media as crap in = crap out no matter what burner you use.