Stuffit 9.0 30% JPEG compression with no quality loss

I just posted the article Stuffit 9.0 30% JPEG compression with no quality loss.

March 28,2005 StuffIt Shrinks JPEG Photos up to 30% With No Quality Loss Allume Systems, Inc., an IMSI company (OTC Bulletin Board: IMSI), today shipped StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 for…

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Storage guru would really appreciate the incorporation of a large number of small files into a single big archive in terms of space savings :wink:

It might be worth mentioning, the upgrade for any standalone doesnt seem to mean Winzip or Winrar, just the Allume software. Either that or they have hidden the option well.

Storage problem becomes less important nowadays. Also I think I will spend the money to buy a new harddrive instead of buying stuffit. JPEG2000 did pretty good in lossless image file compression. This format seems more portable :slight_smile:

I remember mentioning this prog a couple of years back, damiandimitri’s reaction was the most curiuos then. Nevermind, WinRAR is the most popular SW & many are aware of that. JPEG ? And how about PNG ? :slight_smile:

This is a breakthrough feature. But as many of you said already, it’s not needed very much nowadays.

PNG has its place and it doesn’t compete with JPG. PNG is sucky at compressing a gradient of colors.