Study validates self-protecting digital content protection scheme

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 Self-Protecting Digital Content Adds Significant Value to 

Anti-Piracy Scheme for Next-Generation DVDs SAN
FRANCISCO, May 4 /PRNewswire/ – As Hollywood movie studios and consumer…

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Funny, CRI’s study shows that CRI’s security approach will help protect content. Sounds like letting the fox guard the henhouse. Not that I am for not being able to backup movies that I buy but if I were the MPAA, I’d definitely want more than some company’s study to prove to me that that same company’s software will protect content that I have a vested interest in protecting. Anyway, as long as the MPAA does not require new players every so often (i.e. subsequent protections are backwards compatible) then there will be backdoor ways to crack the security and provide lawful users the ability to backup the content.:d