Study states music industry must give music away for free

I just posted the article Study states music industry must give music away for free.

  In yet  another study, Parks Associates have  come to the conclusion that the only way out of the current downslide  for the music industry is to give away the music. The team of ...
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Agent Smith — "hear that … it is the sound of inevitability " :g

if the music is crap then giving it away doesn’t help cause nobody wants it. I know I won’t! Most P2P users only download stuff they like. It’s only when you get some idiot that use up all the bandwidth cause he wants to download all the songs out in Internet Land (and start a downloading service afterwards). If you feel threatened by external snooping cause u r using P2P, then try alternatives e.g. FTP, SCP, etc…How the hell r they (guess who) gonna track you?!

I just read the report and I agree with most of it except that there is no way I want to hear even more adverts that now! It’s difficult to beat free…even with a shark after you.

Stop this forward thinking…someone using logic and coming into the digital age. I can’t believe it. Hey RIAA, do you understand or should we draw you a picture. :X