Study says P2P spurs music sales - did the survey

I just posted the article Study says P2P spurs music sales - did the survey.

While reading a story over at E-commerce news, I was made aware of a new (to me) file-sharing program. It comes from a site named of all things,, who’s motto is…

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It looks and feels like a re-packaged kazza. It had a big fight with my firewall as it tried to set me up as a supernode, slowed my computer own to a crawl for about 30 minutes until it gave up and turned off the option. It does contain spyware, and you can opt not to install it. I checked after installation and none were placed without my permission. There is plenty of stuff on the network, which makes me think it could be tagging into the Kazza network. Overall, if you like Kazza et al then give it a go, otherwise leave alone.