Study predicts P2P evolution limits download sales growth

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  Get ready  with your best eyeroll. According to a new report by Informa Media Group,  the value of global music sales conducted over the internet will reach 3.9  billion dollars in...
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Pah. The only reason why bought online music hasn’t / might not take off will be because of excessive pricing, small library sizes and / or lack of choice of download bitrate. Lay on cheap [£.30/$.5] tracks with enormous [rather than the currently pretty feeble] availability at any bitrate on a fast server and it’d take of in minutes.

“The creatively named report, Music on the Internet (4th Edition)” I like this sarcasm here. CD Freaks should use more of it. :slight_smile:

Apart from the creative title (of the report) methinks they are a bit creative with their figures…why do companies pay clowns like this big bucks when a uni student standing on a street corner asking questions could come up with the same results…:X

…and I predict the downfall of mediocrity. Arnold being elected for president. The comeback of Elvis and the RIAA becoming a new religion.

I don’t know where they came up with the loss of 2.4billion for 2003, because I would have NEVER bought the music I downloaded. I only got it because it was free, but to expect me to pay for this crap is ridiculous, I would simply not do it.

If its to mediocre to pay to listen to, then why waste time, and peoples bandwidth downloading it?