Study: iPhone users ambivalent toward security threats



Study: iPhone users ambivalent toward security threats.

[newsimage][/newsimage]No web-connected device is safe from the perils of viruses, malware and spam - not even smartphones. Considering the mobile industry's recent boom, it's likely that threat will only grow. Online scam artists go where the action is; the more people using a device, the better the chance someone will unknowingly click a nefarious button or link. It's a numbers game - and one smartphone owners could lose out of sheer indifference, says market research firm The NPD Group.

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I have Kaspersky Mobile security on my Win 6.5 HTC Touch 2 phone. Can never be too careful in this day and age, and $30.00 is a small price to pay. There are free apps out there too, at least for my O/S. Don’t know about Apple, android, or WP7.