Study: HDTVs taking over American homes

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A Leichtman Research study indicates one-third of Americans now own an HDTV, with the number expected to rise in the next few quarters.
The 34 percent overall HDTV penetration rate is double the…

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No surprise here really!

The last trip to Best Buy I couldn’t even find any non-HDTVs there, so it’s really HDTV or bust at this point.

Lol. Not my home, :frowning: Unless you consider my 50" plasma HD. I DONT. I really want an LCD now. But 1080p is too expensive.

I want a 60 inch Kuro Elite - they are still around 4 grand though, so I will wait a bit longer…Amazingly, I paid over 3 thousand for a 42 inch 1080i plasma just 4 years ago and a run of the mill 60 inch was way over 10 grand IIRC.