Study finds the youth harm music sales in long term with P2P

I just posted the article Study finds the youth harm music sales in long term with P2P.

 Even  though there has been some research finding that file sharing has either a  little or a possitive  effect on music sales, according to a recent study by Jupiter Research,  around 15% of...
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and this is a surprise to anyone? any teenager who either doesnt have a drivers license or doesnt have a car (or some other easy transportation to the store that doesnt include their parents) it going to download anyway possible (once again, that doesnt require their parents) b/c it (look for the pattern here: doesnt require their parents) but what can you expect, when most teenagers cant get a decent paying job w/out working @ a fast food restaurant before the age 18 (due to laws and such, 20hr max work week for people below 18 years of age) they arent going to be able to make enough money to pay for any media anyway

As with all statistics, data can be manipulated to fit any argument one chooses! As for SONY BMG, their activity, regarding the XCP rootkit security nightmare windows virus/trojan malware, is now under formal investigation by no less than, the New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer(source Business Week online 29th Novemebr 2005). Now , since Eliot, has had two direct strikes for 1/ deliberately delayed cd royalty payments to recording artists; 2/ Illegal Payola, by the use of recording artists royalty payments to directly bribe radio DJ’s to play their music cd’s on air(USD$10 million fine in July). Oh well, what a shame these pesky statistics still can’t take my dog for a walk! :X

I used statistics to create maps, it can be manipulated any way possible to best describe the exact point you’re trying to make. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that I am almost out of the youth bracket, 15-24, damn, my 23 is borderline adult… NOOOO!!!

I’m not under 18, and i used to buy lots of CDs and DVDs, since i feel that is my way to pay those artists that i like, but since all this crap of the DRM and copyprotection i started to spank them, when i read that a DVD is copy protected I’M NOT GOING TO BUY IT! i just download it , same for the CDs if i have it already i will make free copies for my fellas and seed its content. I ASK EVERYONE TO DO THIS SO THE GREEDY HEADS IN THE MPAA AND RIAA WILL LEARN THAT WE ARE THE ONES WHO PAY THEIR BREAD!!!

That’s why the world changes. Joseph Conrad wrote in Youth- “O youth! The strength of it, the faith of it, the imagination of it!”

Let’s for one minute assume that the survey is genuine and not a shill paid for by the RIAA. What does it tell us? It’s quite simple and abundantly clear: The old days are gone and so is the old paradigm. A paradigm shift has occurred and the genie is out of the bottle - permanently. All who follow will think differently and any attempts to enforce the old way will inevitably fail. Miserably. The record companies can no longer expect the vast profits and limitless control of the media that they once had and are losing customers because of it. So what should happen? Well, years ago, the Swiss watchmakers refused to acknowledge the digital watch. They clung steadfastly to the old ways and old ideas. They refused to accept change. And they went out of business. Lesson: change with the times, find new ways to entice (not strongarm, such as is the case with DRM measures, lobbied legislation and lawsuits) customers and compete or you’ll die. Accept the fact that file sharing is a permanent condition and come to terms with that. As one example, use it as an advertising tool to attract new customers. I wonder how long it’s going to take those greedy dinosaurs to get the point? Extinction teaches lessons quickly.

OK, let’s be honest for a sec. Forget the lack of driving license, the need to go and purchase vouchers and other excuses. Youth are downloading mp3s because they are free and because they can do it. I’m not justifying Sony and other corporates for their aggressuve behaviour, but let’s be honest with ourselves… When I was a younger I used to work to buy myself CDs and sometimes even made my parents buy me some. The problem is that the price of CDs went up since then. But the problem is not the price of CDs, but the price of living. I pay much more for food, gas (of course), cables, cell phone and other stuff that I was told is vital to my existence in the modern world; income, however, did not went up too much. I don’t have much left for CDs anymore. And that’s the truth for many other people and for many other parents who cannot allow themselves to buy their kids few CDs every month. So the simple way is to download. I’m sure that if CDs will be cheaper or cost of living will go down, there will still be some piracy (always has been), but not in today’s magnitude.

It’s fairly easy to measure this metric since youth are the primary market for the music industry. But we still have to take the numbers with a grain of salt, because somehow I don’t see the music industry crumbling into dust because it only (only?!) made 1.2 billion dollars rather than 1.3 billion.

Ya… I held a study that said the record industry is full of corruption… Man, all these polls and studies are totally fake. Just like the music countdowns on radio stations. They are all fake, and they are often made 3 days in advance when the music director programs that days music. How do I know? I worked in radio for several years… and even here in Canada, the record companies bribed us with free stuff to make their artists appear higher in the chart.

If you like your artist and feel compelled not to rip them off, then purchase their merchandise at their concerts. This way you are leaving those immoral, leeching, lying record companies out of the loop. Besides your artist may get $1 at the most from a CD if you did buy their CD. So boycott these multinationals. Only then will their delusions of godhood and bullying disappear!

Where’s the link to the original article? The quoted passage doesn’t say squat, so the value of this “news item” is pretty much null in it’s current state.

Ah, found the link now, sneaky place to hide it :stuck_out_tongue: The article does in no way show that p2p harms the music industry, so the headline is quite silly though :slight_smile: