Study finds noise-isolating outperforms cancelling headphones

I just posted the article Study finds noise-isolating outperforms cancelling headphones.

 Just as one  would not think of connecting small budget speakers to a high end Hi-Fi  system, a similar story can be said when choosing when choosing headphones for a  portable music...
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Of course! Makes total sense. Check out Sony 7506 - $100 headfones. Neither being noise cancelling or blah blah: they ARE the headfones you see on all of the news guys heads on tv. They are professional headfones we all use in the recording studio - they rock!

of course shure deals mostly with sound isolating earphones, and it’s their study. kind of like the political ads seen today. Why not one of those noise cancelling AND sound isolating earphones? BTW, the link is

the shure e2 & e3 suck… if you want some REAL Canalphones choose these:sensaphonic 2x-s>UE-10 Pro>etymotic er4 and the sony v6’s are HORRIBLE, with totally unbalanced, shrill, and lean sound. For $100 the alessandro ms-1 or sennheiser hd-25 will blow them away

Go here if you want to learn about this stuff: Actuallly, even though Shure did the work, it is actually still valid information that they are putting out.

Quite an interesting forum. I would never have thought that there would be a rather large & busy forum just on headphones. :wink: If someone thinks that sticking with basic ear-buds or the pair that came with their last CD player, iPod, Walkman and so on is the way to go, then it is time to do a little headphone research unless sound quality is of the least concern while listening to music on the go :stuck_out_tongue:

The link mentioned in the news item took me to an article about Napster. BTW, Etymotics rock!

Just noticed that also. Had too many windows open while editing and must have grabbed the wrong URL by mistake :stuck_out_tongue: Should be corrected now. :wink: