Study finds Microsoft Zune potentially a serious threat to iPod

I just posted the article Study finds Microsoft Zune potentially a serious threat to iPod.

Despite Microsoft’s unsuccessful attempts in aiming to have its Windows Media technology lead the market’s music download stores, such as by offering the ability for its partners to allow…

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Forget about it. The results of this survey are clearly tainted. People seeing the picture feel an unconcious pressure to choose the Zune.

I’ll buy a zune just because it’s not an ipod. The ipod and itunes interfaces are awful and I hate the way the software crushes the hell out of files, making them sound awful at any compression level and how it adds DRM to my MP3 files if I’m not careful with the settings. Anything Microsoft has even given 1/2 a thought to has to be better than the ipod/itunes combo.

the name ipod alone disgust me…why…?..every frickin body overpaid for a product that is inferior to other players at the same price range.

we all know you can make any poll say whatever you want. Take this with a grain of salt. Why oh why would you want something that will potentially have even more DRM than an iPod?

But then again, who cares anyway? :X