Study finds majority of US customers dislike copy protection



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no surprise. However, I don’t know about you but I have not noticed any deep discounts on protected music, so this “survey”…

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There are copy once CD’s? lol, how can it tell if its been copied when its a read only device?


Hopefully it’s nothing like those DVD’s that only work for 24 hours…


““CD piracy has been a serious problem for record labels””. And rip-off prices for crap music which may or may not work in your devices because of DRM and copy-protections has been a big problem for legitimate consumers for a while now too. And then they wonder why their sales are down. What can I say except, Total bloody greedy Morons who are killing their own livelyhood! The last cd I ever brought would only play in the car’s cd palyer, it wouldn’t play in the micro system, it would partly play in the other cd players in my home or not play at all. So the end result is I will not buy any more faulty substandard cd’s for excessive prices, and that is probably why there sales are down. Go idiots keep killing off your customer base!


Another group of overpaid seers predicting the past…I guess only in “merka” can you profit from 20 / 20 hindsight…:X


The exasperated cd buyer who won’t tolerate the high prices for the cds won’t buy the cds in either format. We’ve been conditioned to shell out $ 20 for one cd and it’s been going on too long.


Charge a little less and sell them something that is locked down by DRM then five years from now they’ll sell a revolutionary product called the CD burner. Wait they already did that. CDs started out as a read only device and the public screamed out for CD, and DVD burners. Everybody wanted one. We already had read-only media once. Remember when your computer only came with a CD-ROM and no burner? Everybody wanted to buy a CD burner but they were pricey and rare. Then what happened when they really came on the market? They freaking exploded and the next thing you knew everybody and their mother had one. When your mother wants a CD burner you know it’s on. When you get a call from your grandmother and she wants to know how to make a CD, you can say with confidence that people like to make copies of stuff. The RIAA and MPAA might like to go back to the days of old but they don’t need DRM for that. They need a time machine. I think everybody wants to be able to make mix CD’s or backups. That’s what most people use a CD burner for. There may be a problem with file sharing but 90 percent of the content on file sharing networks comes from 10 percent of the users, just a few crazy guys with a terabytes of free space on their hands. I think maybe file sharing is sort of like alcohol. Perhaps some people can use it responsibly and some people pass out and sleep on the toilet. But for only 20 to 30 percent of people to want a product that is five dollars cheaper. That’s not very good numbers. That’s a sign something is off.


so the US aka g.bush had to have a make a study just to find that out ? WHAT A DUM ASS!


F*** u too KickF! THe US is NOT g.bush so why don’t u shutup. I hate Bush and by say stupid s*** like that, it shows me that there are stupid people like g.bush out there in other countries. By the way, I don’t think ur country is so great either:(
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The whole world knows that Bush is in favour of big business, and not for the people, yet you morons voted him back in. I guess while he is in power again you will go to war with a few other countries, and so many more draconian laws will be passed in your country that soon you will be told what to think, what to wear, and you will have no rights at all. It’s amazing, I bet they will come up with some “terrorists priate cd’s” BS. and pass another PATRIOT act that goes against what little fair use laws you have left in your coutnry. Man I love Canada. Free to copy for personal use, free to download for personal use. I’ve even returned cd’s cause I can not make a legal backup of it, and it is legal to do thus in my country :smiley: Try doing that in the states.