Study finds iTunes more popular than most P2P networks



I just posted the article Study finds iTunes more popular than most P2P networks.

 According  to a survey by the market research firm NPD Group, iTunes has become so popular  that they are tying in 2nd place with Limewire of being the most popular site ...
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interesting, just because you download p2p software once doesnt mean you only download 1 song compared to the stats there stating of people downloading 1.7 mill songs from itunes, People are just so dumb


Remember Itune quoting it’s first day it sold 1 million itune songs? That probably included the 1 million sold to pepsi for there cap game they had going on. Also they had a deal with Burger king and other places as well. So they really can fake there numbers by selling to companies and not to the people themselfs. I bet Itunes is doing a good job otherwise since they have a big mac following (since it seems to be the only pay network for the mac).


Bullshit they trying to brainwash us:(


I wonder how much Apple paid for the “survey”? What a wannabe company Apple was, is and always will be…


Morons :d