Study finds Blu-ray reaches 60% awareness

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According to an Interpret study, which carried out a survey on consumers aged 18 to 54 in January 2008; about 60% of those surveyed knew what Blu-ray is. Of the age group, 76% of those aged 18…

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90% have DVD players ?!??! I find that unbelievably high.
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I can believe it. DVD players are dirt cheap. They had them on sale last year at Canadian Tire for just 10 bones. Those Chinese are bringing down the prices on everything. In an unrelated story, I kicked my smoking habit through alcoholism. Film at 11. :+

Blu-ray will never catch on because consumers aren’t really interested in anything beyond DVD. Sony can go shove Blu-ray where it smells. I won’t give Sony a single cent for their shithouse & consumer-unfriendly technology.