Study: e-books take longer to read than printed books



Study: e-books take longer to read than printed books.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A new study completed by Jacob Nielsen from Nielsen Norman Group reveals it takes longer to read an e-book than a paperback. The study may seem irrelevant, but it could interfere with e-book adoption by students and educational administrators.

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I hate reading books myself. I have not read a book since I finished my bachelors almost been 30 years. 100% of stuff I read comes from computers and phones I haven’t touched a paper book or magazine in many years other than to throw them away or arrange them where I work.


Maybe … people that get sucked into buying expensive devices, and then pay the same to download a copy of a book, rather than just buying a printed book , are just a little bit slower than the rest of us?

They’re not stupid … They’re just slow …

Of course … with a sample size of just 24 people in the test … it’s statistically insignificant … and the best you could say is that it requires a broader study :stuck_out_tongue: