Study: cut DRM and people may pirate less



Study: cut DRM and people may pirate less.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Curbing piracy in the digital age is an uphill battle for rights holders. The sheer amount of illegally reproduced music, movies and video games available on the Internet makes shutting down sources an exercise in futility; like a Hydra, when one pirate site is killed others take its place. One avenue companies have explored is digital rights management, which puts restrictions on content for legitimate customers as a safeguard for possible piracy. However, new research from Rice and Duke universities suggests that removing DRM may actually be more beneficial for curtailing copyright infringement than including it.

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Thanks to DRM…Spore was the most pirated game in 2008…DRM works in the pirates favor…Why pay for something when the free version works better???


On the other hand, SONY tanked their console marketshare by picking a fight with hackers… that probably wasn’t directly related to DRM, but suspending & kicking out pirated online gamers who paid for a subscription to online gaming didn’t do them or the content makers any good in terms of increased sales.


I doubt cutting DRM would stop people from pirating. People are going to pirate the material, whether it is DRM-protected or not.

I honestly would just rather buy the movies because they’re in a format that is friendly with the devices that I use, and they’re better quality.

If they want to stop hackers, they should do like that - and offer better quality so that people drift to that and drift away from pirating.