Study: Blu-ray sales triple in 2008

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DisplaySearch recently concluded that worldwide sales of Blu-ray players will hit 2.38 million this year. In 2007 a total of 700.000 Blu-ray players were sold, which means that compared to 2007 the…

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The only problem I see is that the firm should have included PS3 in the report. The primary reason being is that stores (Like Best Buy and the likes) are pushing the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player. In fact, it is arguably the best player out there.

So there are people out there with PS3 that all they do is watch Blu-Ray movies on it. I personally know two people like that.

As the price of individual stand alone player come down to $200 or so, the PS3 will still sell better than any Blu-Ray Player.

I bought a PS3 just to watch Blu-Ray so now you know of 3 people :stuck_out_tongue: I think the numbers will grow this Christmas holiday as well.

I bought my ps3 just before last xmas because they were the same price (even cheaper) that any bluray players i saw, and as a bonus feature it can do video games! For the first while I used it strictly as blu-ray player, but almost a year later, i have bought a few games for it as well.

I am probably going to get a PS3 for BR movies too. I am a 360 gamer and I want a standalone BR player but since they cost the same as PS3 still, it would be fun to have for the occasional PS3 exlusive game. Plus its a pretty good media player for DivX/Xvids etc… and I can install any hard drive in it.

So, in the last two years there were 3 million Blu-ray players sold? So what? There are 6 billion people on the planet and about 60% of them (3.6 billion) have DVD players (>1000:1 ratio). Three million is just a drop in the bucket and their sales always will be. Blu-ray will NEVER go mainstream.