Study: Blu-ray sales triple in 2008

DisplaySearch recently concluded that worldwide sales of Blu-ray players will hit 2.38 million this year. In 2007 a total of 700.000 Blu-ray players were sold, which means that compared to 2007 the amount tripled.

The Sony Playstation 3 is also a Blu-ray player, but the console’s sales were not included in the firm’s study, meaning that if included, we can speak of several million players in 2008. DisplaySearch expects that the format’s sales will double in 2009, with current estimates saying 5.31 million.

According to the research firm falling prices, the release of more Blu-ray movie titles and the purchase of more high-def sets all played an important roll. By 2010 standalone player sales will surpass the PS3 sales, says Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV research.

At yesterday’s HDTV 2008 conference in Los Angeles DisplaySearch presented the numbers. Ross Rubin, the director of industry analysis for NPD, another research firm, agreed partly but believes that there are still many obstacles left.

Rubin agrees with DisplaySearch that HDTV-set sales will boost the format’s sales, but added that the relatively high price of the player and the popularity of standard-def DVDs remain major obstacles.