Study: 800K ditched pay TV for the Web



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Last year, cable and satellite television companies in the United States lost 800,000 subscribers to services like Netflix, iTunes and over the air broadcasts, according to a consulting firm.

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Well they are reaping what they sow. Comcast here took away almost all of the free, once you pay, extra channels we used to be able to tune and record with a cable ready setup, and recently they encrypted all the digital versions as well except for locals and a few others, like all the shopping channels. They got around this by offering a POS box that only does standard definition
and only outputs to RF channel 3 or RCA analog outs. The other 2 free boxes they give you are even worse. THey are hard to record from, don’t have Hi Fi sound and can never receive HD at all, which the Cable tuner I bought myself could do, but it can now only get the locals in HD and the few others they have deemed OK to let in the open.
They claimed this was a upgrade:a Yeah for them… Now to do what I used to be able to easily do I’d have to rent a extra cost HD box or DVR that I never needed before.
They end up driving people from their services by getting greedier and constantly limiting our choices while charging us more and more.


Yeah, I think the bottom line price for cable-tv is pushing consumers to the edge, when so much of cable-tv is watered down already with infomercial advertising and shows that are just the worst pieces of crap that would NEVER make it on an OTA model because advertisers wouldn’t be caught dead with their ads on these shows if the cost weren’t so cheap. Consumers can take control of their total monthly cost by going to a fixed model paying for ONLY what they consume. The numbers will have to be significantly higher before the catv industry takes notice-- maybe into the millions (2.5-4 million subscribers year over year).


Most consumers do not recognize the bad deal they’re in until capitalists force them to realize it, by giving them more ads about the great service provided while simutaneously reducing or charging more for it We are in THEIR casino, because they are betting we will pay to play their game-, e. g., tiers of dazzeling pricing schemes marketed as “programming.” Wanna force their hand? STOP SUBSCRIBING!


Same situation here, more people are realizing that they could save so much money with web providers that now offer TV/cable channels without additional cost. They would pay the same price for their internet subscription.