Studios want quicker DVD releases to combat piracy

I just posted the article Studios want quicker DVD releases to combat piracy.

Well this is good news! How would you like to see movies released a lot quicker to DVD than they are now? How about the same day they are in the theaters! Studios are not against the…

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and so do we want quicker releases that is but as for combating piracy bringing the price down would kill it we have said this many times but will they listen ???

How about cheaper releases> THAT will help combat piracy. Slash the prices by 50% permanently.
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Does this also mean there will be worldwide releases removing the need for region coding? This would be nice but greed will overcome any logical reasoning.

I agree with Dan about the dvd releases making more money than the cinema releases. They lead us to believe that everyone was copying the dvd’s so if thats the case then why are they making so much more money from dvd’s? I suspect people aren’t going to the cinema because of the prices. Having a pirated cam version of the film would not stop most people from seeing it on the big screen. Here in Australia, except on Tuesday when they are $5, the cinemas are too expensive, especially for a family of four people.

interesting reading and at first glance it would appear that the Movie industry may finally be learning how to adapt. then again maybe there is more than meets the eye here. the studios have a problem how do they continue to cry and whine about “losses” from DVD piracy in the face of huge profits from DVD sales? after all DVD’s are now in many cases bringing in alot more money than the theatrical releae did. I think they realize that even those who accept their bogus claims that any pirated copy represents a lost sale ( which is false) arent going to feel to sorry for them in the face of huge profits they are reaping from the DVD’s they are selling. so the best way to be able to continue to appear to be losing money to pirates is to adopt the strategy outlined… make the DVD the premier release and present it as the Main money maker for the industry that way they can still push for more laws to give them absolute control over who when where and how customers watch what the customer themselves have paid for. which is exactly what they really want.

This story is pointless. What were talking about here is already hapining, it’s called “straight to video” release. Movies like starship troopers 2 fall into this catagory. These studios make INCREDIBLE profits on theater release, don’t think for an instant this will change. Studios are in business to make money, that is the very definition of business, this statement is a farce for what puprose we can only guess.

At this point, I think we should EXPECT DVD releases to make more than in the theater. I think theatrical releases have really turned into a word-of-mouth advertising system for the DVD release. A lot of people aren’t willing to pay $9-10US per movie ticket, but they are willing to listen to a movie critic or a friend who saw it in the theater that said it was great and buy or rent it when it comes out on DVD. So the business model really becomes using theatrical releases as the adverts, with the true cash cow being DVD sales. Quicker commercial releases may stem piracy in some cases, but lowering prices would do far more for both theaters and DVD sales. Heck, a $15-20 DVD I can watch forever vs. a $10 movie ticket for a one-time show where I also have to pay 300% upcharge for overpriced food if I want to eat? No brainer, but it still leaves me only buying DVD’s of movies I’d watch over and over. Lower the prices, I’ll build a video library. :X