Studios vary Blu-ray prices

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After Blu-ray won the format war some thought it was the beginning of a better age. Now that we are a few months further we see that the high-def format is getting more competition than estimated…

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“Sometimes a new Blu-ray release from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment costs $14 more than its standard-def brother.” Until Blu-ray is under 20% premium of DVD pricing, they’ll sit on store shelves.
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20% under the dvd pricing? This will never happen. I know we all want a sale but on a marketing view it is safe to sale BD titles for around 30 to 35 dollars easy if they keep it there for now this would pay for the costs to produce it on the BD disc and some I think.

@ Dr. Who Maybe I wasn’t clear. I meant to say that for mass adoption of Blu-ray, their pricing must be no more than 20% over that of the DVD version. If a new movie on DVD is $20 at retail, then I would hope the Blu-ray version is no more than $24. Not that it matters to me. Blu-ray is dead. Long live DVD !!!

Funny again. Some titles cost 14$ more in Blu-Ray version than the standard DVD version while others only cost 5$ more and it’s supposed that the pricing is not format wise but content wise… Does that not man the SD DVD price should also drop in price because of the content? I don’t think the Blu-ray is worth the consumer adoption in this stage. It is too expensive, still changing all the time and by far not ready to show what value iot has vs upscaled DVD’s… not to mention releases always are later than the Blu-ray versions… As long as good upscaling DVD players are there, blu-ray will not take off… it’s not that big of a deal as they like one to believe unless you have a TV that’s at least 80" or so… Marketing… that’s all it is mostly…

Sorry Duke for misunderstanding your reply. Yes I agree but only a 2 or 4 dollar increase won’t happen for 2+ years though. I hate what they do as for making prices high but like I said if the players they make would become standard meaning you don’t need to buy a new model for an extra feature for less than 200 usd and then if the titles were only around the price now about 30 to 35 this would benefit the end user as for the price and it would benefit the studios to do more with BD titles too. More less a win/win situation. The problem we encounter is that we are cheap! Yes all of us the biggest thing I see is complaining over the price of titles etc…& we are happy to upconvert our SD’s. So what needs done is the LCD’s etc… need to come down to be around let’s say 800.00 USD for now to mass market sale them to everyone and at this price be at least a 46" on top of that. Then get the standard set for BD Players those that got one last year are now seen that they can’t get the 2.0 live feature and they (the companies) still keep adding instead of just a complete standard. This is where HD was winning they set a standard and kept it. Now get those Home theater sound systems that have TrueHD etc… at least around 600 or 700 not the 900+ just for a decent receiver and I think all this BD stuff would start to happen in the rich masses and they will drop a bit faster in the long run. I have yet to buy a LCD TV as they are still 2000+ for a decent one for the size I want 46" or higher. Of course with this new digital TV coming in Feb 17, 2009 doesn’t help for what the prices are on the TV’s either. Instead of getting rich now they should lower their prices for the everyday joe smoe and then in the long term they would see their spike in sales easily this is common economics but sad to say the makers want their gold now and in the future and rip off the common joe now sad to say and it is this is why I have yet to buy a whole new system for such.
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@ Dr. Who Wow, you sure are a wordy fellow. May I suggest more punctuation? It might help us to better follow your train of thought. :slight_smile: At any rate, mass adoption is stunted by the fact that you need a new TV. Such was not so when we moved from VHS to DVD. It also doesn’t help when you have consumer confusion over different TV types (LCD/plasma/DLP) and resolutions. Then there’s the fact that the Blu-ray standard isn’t even finalized yet. It’s just a big bullshit sandwich and I don’t feel very hungry. :frowning:
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Sorry Duke and yes you wrapped it up in a nutshell for me. :smiley:
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