Studios miss deadline lose millions in royalties

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Heh heh heh… I love it when bad things happen to evil conglomerates.MGM lost nearly million in royalty payments from the U.S. Copyright Office and…

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Nelson says: HA! HA! :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll just add this figure to the ‘losses’ they claim to have suffered ‘since the huge rise in on-line file-sharing’…

Again this shows how the recording inductry is managed as a whole. They create crap product, manage loose and sloppy and blame the world for thier stupidity when they already have more lega protections than most any business on earth. They screw the very musicians they clainm they are protecting and while they live in their plush mansions they cry about how they are victims. Can you imagine working for a company and fucking up and loosing a million dollars? I guess these ass holes are making so much on this new scam of suing people the royalties are peanuts. I know they have to try every angle. They sure can’t sell that shit they produce so if the public wont buy the over priced crap, it they sneak around and catch file swappers and force them to pay. The recoding inductry isn’t a victim…it is a whailing brat complaining that no one will continue to play its fucked up game of selling overpriced nferior product based on hype. Instead of truley embracing change and new ideas they do thing the same old way in a world that is light years ahead of them. Instead of being creative and packaging good product, in a way that not only appeals to music lovers, but also in a quality that makes consumers want to buy, they have large cataloges of material that looses money. A “Lemon” is a “Lemon”. It doesn’t matter if its a car, a home stereo or a CD. As long as the recording industry produces mostly crap then crap is what they get. As Einstein said - Doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again and expecting different results is insanity…there are no Einsteins in the recording industry. The recording insuctry is in the same boat as the antique victrola. They can either change and quit thinking they can operate like they have for decades or they can continue to intimidate the public. Educate? Are these fucking morons crazy? They have pissed off damn near every parent in America and half the world with their “jack booted” arrogance. They might cram their bullshit down someones thriat when they have them by the balls, but they are not winning any allies and if they think they are they are even dumber than I think they are. Its not going to get better for the RIAA…it is going to get much, much worse. These idiots just don’t have a fucking clue.

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:d How refreshing! Great post.

Not a dry eye in the house…NOT!!!..rla said it all…:X