Studios may block TV output, paving way for early VOD



I just posted the article Studios may block TV output, paving way for early VOD.

Release dates for video on demand may move up now that movie studios are allowed to remotely control the output on home video systems.

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It’s waste of time, effort, and money. Someone has/will crack it. That single copy will make it on the internet, and distributed to millions of downloaders… lol.

There’s no copy protection that is invincible. It only takes one copy to give everyone a copy.

Why they’re tightening down the devices like this is beyond me. Sure 99.99999999% of people won’t be able to make copies, but its the one guy that does, and everyone has it…

R and D on DRM is useless.


[QUOTE=Zod;2516913]R and D on DRM is useless.[/QUOTE]

Yup. All DRM does is add to the price of the product.


This is nothing new, and they’ve been chasing this spec for years. All moot, since in the next year or 2, the component outputs will be gone from all hardware anyhow.