Studio Laser Protection

Wouldn’t studios be able to burn a Hologram cover to stop ppl from Pirating the movie while still allowing regular ppl to back up their copy? Or would it not make a difference? I don’t know anyone with a hologram burner but all my friends have DVD burners

Well it’s been 9 hours and nobody has answered. I think the delay is due to the fact that a Sub-Space Transmission had to be sent to Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Enterprise about the threat of Burning Hologram Covers within the vicinity of unstable Wormholes. He has consulted with both Lt. Commander Data, and Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge and an official communication from Star Fleet Command is imminent. It is assumed that a web of Tachion Emmisions will make the Hologram Covers detectable on DVD’s but this is not confirmed. And at this time there is no known defence even if detection is feasable. The suspicion is that “Q” or the Borg may be meddling in Federation affairs again although this is also unconfirmed. How is it that you are aware of a heretofore unknown Romulan technology? Been making Cloaked runs into the Neutral Zone, have we? :bigsmile: :rolleyes:

Nah, nah just kidding. Sounds interesting but a bit beyond most of our experience. Why don’t you fill us in more.

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Just when the studios got the holograms sorted along with 16 gazillion bit DRM; it turns out someone surreptitiously replicated the ship’s replicator. Back to the drawing board…

Resistance is futile!

Ten bucks says Q makes someone from NCC 1701 makes a quantum leap and bungles around for half an hour till the problem is solved.

If you can put a hologram on a 20 dollar bill then why not a DVD?

OK dude,
You are not getting off that easy! :disagree: whhhaaat are you talking about? I saw a holographic projector at Stanford Labs a few years ago. It was a 3D projected moving-image that played in the middle of a dark room. What does that have to do with stopping piracy or allowing backups? What are you meaning by “Hologram Cover” on a DVD??? On a dollar bill??? What? What am I not getting here? Are you talking about something else that is also called a hologram? What is a “hologram burner”? If I’m not really living in the real world, I want to know now.


>>Edit<<: Ok, Ok, my friend told me it’s those silly little reflecto, multi spectral badge like stamps like intel and microsoft use on their products. That’s not a hologram! They are called a holograms? For real? What a joke! Some marketing guy decides to use “future-talk” to describe silly little badge logo. What do they even do anyway? How would they be applied to “stopping piracy or allowing backups”?

Nice try Whisperer1. The word was around before Star Trek made terrible “Holodeck” episodes. They are made with lasers burning holes at multiple angles to create an image that appears 3D.

What I was thinking is that IF the manufacturers burnt a Hologram onto the label side of the dvd then It would be much more difficult for pirates to make fakes and they could stop annoying us with copy protection integrated into the movie. It’s just a thought.

A hologram on the label side would only increase the manufacturing cost which would of course get passed on to the consumer. It would, of course, do nothing to stem piracy.

The problem with this is that it’s the people who want a good deal and don’t give a toss if the DVD they bought is pirated or not.
Also bear in mind that the high volume professional pirates would find a way to reproduce the effect.

I suppose you might be right weedougie. I’m just fed up with ppl whinging about all the copy protection and the hassel of cracking it instead of trying to offer up solutions that we can benefit from that don’t stop us from legally backing up our movies and games.

The reason companies put protection on discs is similar to the reason for region codes, it’s for the company to maximise their profits.
They will use any ploy to increase the bottom line.
Look do you think that the protection is aimed at the large scale counterfeiter. The methods used to protect their goods are cracked, counterfeited and on the streets within hours of its release. These people are professional criminals and are not fazed with protection or a prison term. These encumbrances are there to thwart us.
I read today that a parliamentary enquiry believes that the DRM goes too far and breaches our rights as consumers to enjoy, transfer to other devices or make backup copies if required.
After the Sony root kit problems lets hope something constructive comes about.