Students start getting MP3s Without P2P: Record streaming radio



I just posted the article Students start getting MP3s Without P2P: Record streaming radio.

According to a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life project,
over 50% of previous music downloader’s have abandoned their practice as a result of the RIAA’s

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In Germany the software “AudioJack” is very popular for this at the moment! Even serious news shows are reporting about this tool:,1473,2057536,00.html Sorry, German only. :slight_smile:


With 321 Studios successfully put away, whats the chance AudioExtract will be feeling the heat soon…:X


hey - it gets to the point that besides wanting the music - we should rejoice in screwing with the inductry concentrating on screwing us - the industry needs to contemplate the next generation entertainment, not us download little individual song - JEEZ…the local thrift store has 45 rpm’s for 10 cents a peice - such a deal…


and if this is high enough quality for them…gooo students. i had one of these programs a few months ago, and 96-128 kbit stereo streams just arent worth it to my ears.


you can find much better bitrate streams than 128k… checkout shoutcast… some streams are even in 320kbps.


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