Student's PC seized by music industry

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Campus police confiscated an Oklahoma State University student’s computer after the Recording Industry Association of America notified the…

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This sucks…

Stupid RIAA

Sucks? Sure, but at least the kid and going to jail… What sicks is the fact his shit is gone and from the looks of it some pretty expensive shit too… Plus hours of work getting those mp3s… Thats whats sucks but very happy not in jail…


What’s his FTP adress??

Kewl !

One caught !

Just about 1.000.000 left ! :smiley:

Go on RIAA !

But I thinnk you will never stop is !

CU !


Man, why caught the poloice peaple? there are tons of otherer peaple and they want to bust them hahahaha!!
Fuck them man they never will stop us!!

Greetingz Woutiir

This is pretty sad but any fool can see that this is only a drop in the ocean!

I guess we have to be a little bit more careful, like masking the IP address changing the file extension and NOT keep anything in the Hard Drive locally 'so yopu can not get anything pinned on you.

This bust is only to scare people…
And I can see it worked…

They caught one guy in the States. Is this world news ?
BTW If you are stupid enough to do this at school you deserve to be caught

lol one for RIAA.

Let’s just hope the RIAA doesn’t find out about Napster. They’d have a fit.


Yeah, well all good and nicebut why is the RIAA as stupid as to put their time in busting one kid. I knew they were stupid to even think they can stop the distribution of mp3’s but this is like 1 down people to go!!! Even your ripped money from hard working people isn’t enough to cover that, btw i would like all distribution servers for MP3’s to locate remote servers in Rusia, the only place were MP3’s can rock on free with out restrictions. Lot’s already did, lets start the cold war over again. RIAA hope you’re ready for the war you started, this will be another Vietnam. Power to the people, and like always WE will WIN… PimpShiz waythe go we all support you and soon join your work, RIAA hope you have some good securrity progs loaded, spend lot’s of money on them??? It was easier to burn the cash, cause we already won and you don’t even know it, 100’s of hackers are looking trough your data bases, man your more stupid than i tought!!!

haha…i found it funny that he called them stupid…did he coulnt his spelling mistakes ?

oh yeah… poor kid who got busted…i mean fark…its only a few songs…no need to ruin this kids life.

Hmm. Im glad that I don’t live in US. You have all those “KGP” styled organisations whatching people. :stuck_out_tongue:

So did they format the harddisk or is somebody having fun now with 104Gb of MP3 and other stuff?