Student killed by goal post

MORRIS, Minn. (AP) – It was a falling goal post that killed a 20-year-old University of Minnesota-Morris student who was celebrating a double-overtime homecoming win, according to an autopsy report released Monday.

Richard Thomas Rose, 20, a junior from Benton City, Wash., who played on the men’s basketball team, was among the crowd of exhilarted fans and football players who pulled down one of the goals on Saturday.

The autopsy revealed that Mr. Rose died of head trauma from the falling goal post," said Dr. Michael Busian, Stevens County coroner, in a prepared statement. “No other cause of death was identified.”

The accident remained under investigation on Monday.

Patrick Van Zandt, a junior from St. Paul, said he saw the goal post fall. He said it took several people to lift it off of Rose.

Morris had just defeated Crown College 34-28 in double overtime and the stands were full, with about 1,000 fans watching the last football game at Cougar Field. The Cougars move to a new stadium next season.

Minnesota-Morris is a public liberal arts school of about 1,700 students in west-central Minnesota, about 135 miles northwest of Minneapolis.


As serious as this situation is … i just can’t help but think this is a point & laugh moment.

Talking about really bad luck, what are the chances of getting killed by goal post.

Quite good chances … apparently.

But what are the odds of it?