Studdering @ the end - Movie Protection?

Hello friends.

Just wondering if anyone has experience…some type of protection, in which, the movie burns but towards the last chapters…the movie still freeze and then go…freeze and then go…???

I had this happen to ‘Below’ when I was using just shrink, with RegionFree & anydvd. Re-ripped ‘Below’ again with RegionFree on & Decryptor and it worked fine.

Burn an older ‘The faculity’ dvd w/ RegionFree & Decryptor and now have the same issue…with a studdering ending?

Anyone else have this problem?


Umm, no this is not protection. This is you using lousy media. :frowning:

So…you have had this problem as well? Well thanks for the heads up! :doh:

(I use Verbatim (100 pk) at a time from Sam’s club!)

dont get “lousy” in the wrong way your burner might not like that media
use another brand

edit: have you burned at the media at its rated speed or higher? if higher that might be the reason

Yeah it could simply be your burner, or an incompatibility.

Essentially, stuttering at the end indicates that the burn quality was only so-so to begin with. The outer parts of the disc are harder to burn in general.

There are ways around this:

  1. Set your program to make the DVD smaller. Set the output size to 4000MB instead of 4400. That usually fixes it.

  2. Make sure your burner burns that media well.

Verbatim media is usually pretty good stuff… but some burners dislike it (my Liteon is only so-so on Verbatim media).

Are you using the 8x verbatims, or the 16x verbatims. From everything I’ve seen, the 16x verbatims burn nearly as well as Taiyo Yuden, on all of my drives.


Yah, I have a liteon drive, I will have to check the speed of the dvd-r’s …but it has burnt hundreds of successful (new & old) movies. It just a selected few…but I will have to redo and see if perhaps…its just bad media.

Thanks all! :bow: