Stuck with 4x?



My Liteon 1933@1953 CM0K led fixed cant burn any good discs with any speed above 4x, Ive tried many quality media, some patched firmwares and nothing seems to work, all the burned movies burned at 6x or above freeze and pixelate on different standalones…
Ive had alot of fun with this drive but I swear Ill never buy another Liteon drive :sad:


Go here - and download the EEPROM Utility for Lite-On drives. Backup EEPROM and then do a “RESET LEARNT MEDIA”. Will force the drive use “default” settings on next burn.


Thanks for the reply , but Ive already done that…



You got a 1933@1953 :smiley: You bought yours in the future :wink: ?

I think you have a 1633@1653, just like I have… I couldn’t get any decent burns with my 1633s with stick firmware, So I got the firmware of the CodeKing (CS0M) and did a reset of my eeprom… after that I finally got GOOD burns @8x, BUT I must tell you that I only get good burns with GOOD MEDIA!!!

What media do you use? I advise you to buy some Fuji’s with Tayo Yuden Media code… I got really good burns with them and you can buy them cheap @ or