Stuck tray liteon LDW-851s



I have two problems with LiteOn DVD Drives.

Minor problem is that I`m looking for EEPROM dump for SOHW-1693s KS04 Drive. NOT FIRMWARE.

Major problem is that my LDW-851S drive is going crazy… When I start computer the drive is trying open a tray, but it stuck, it isn`t mechanical jammed.
When i push the open button the tray closed for a while and again trying to open. Firmware is new GS0P.


Checked here already?


Yes checked,
For LDW-851S nothing new, and there`s no EEPROMS for SOHW-1693S only the Firmware flash


That is just normal, EEPROMS are unique.

Exceptions may occur, but not often.


SOHW-1693s drive it`s fixed.

But i don`t know what to do with LDW-851s drive…??