Stuck on Region 1 with no changes remaining HELP

Hi there,
I know very little about computers and have, without knowing it changed the region for DVD playing on my computer to many times.
I now have it stuck on region 1 and have learnt that in New Zealand most DVD’s are region 4. At this stage I have been informed that the only fix is to pay $435 for a new DVD driver. This seem crazy as my computer is only about 6 weeks old. The current locked driver is a Matshita UJ-840D. Can anyone surgest a less expensive fix.


And who charges $435 for a DVD burner? You could buy a whole new computer with a new DVD burner in it with that money.

No kidding!!!.. :eek:

I think you’re stuck. Matshita drives are the most restrictive re: region codes and I also think they are the least supported drives out there. For example, most liteons can be made region free with the LtnRPC utility. Also, Fengtao sells an application called DVDRegion +CSS Free which allows virtually any drive (except…you guessed it Matshita) to play any region dvd.

Thanks for the feedback thus far, have at this point not been successfull with getting back on track. I am meeting with a techy tomorrow so any further advice would be welcomed so as he can try it out.

i had same prob when i tried to burn dvd tonight… but dvd error was PROTECTED… i found this good little prog called AnyDVD… i started it first, then did the burn with Nero… it burned with only prob is i cant get the subtitles to work from the menu but the sound and pic is as good as original… i used Ares and found free copy of AnyDVD with a crack to make it work…

Stealing software is a violation of forum policy. Slysoft is one of the most respected members of this forum. Shame on you.

Here here. It’s not as if the program is outrageously expensive, and there is a discount coupon available.

You could ask Matshita to perform a VENDOR RESET for your drive but they would deny it strictly.

Other manufacturers maybe would do it for you…

But MatSHITaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.rgh.