Stuck DVD tray in Lite-ON 5045

Hi all, hope you can hope…

My 5045 objected to a copy of Mystic Pizza and I can’t open the tray. I tried connecting it to my PC, worked fine but couldn’t eject. I see the 2 stubs holding the DVD facia on but cant see a way of mechanically opening the tray or removing the facia without damaging it.

Would really appreciate any ideas, otherwise it’s the end of the road.

Thanks all…


Welcome to the forum Bracknell Guru. Did you try ejecting it through “my computer”-right click the drive, click eject.?

Yes, it made an attempt to eject but mechanically it couldn’t.



If you have the drive out of the unit, look on the left side and you’ll see an indent, kinda like a cul-de-sac, or an inverted “C” if you like, insert a pen or pencil and push about half an inch or so, it should push out the tray about a quarter to half an inch, enough to pull it out by hand. You could always take the top off, the four brass screws giving you access that way.

Sounds like the disk is out of the tray and is jambing it. Take the drive out and follow the above if it still will not try shaking this disk back in place and repeat above.

Thanks guys, some great inputs.

I have removed the 4 screws, but can’t get the drive out completely because of the facia.

I might try hacksawing the 2 spigots that hold the facia on, and then complete the advice you gave.

I’ll let you know how I got on…

With the drive loose and it POWERED OFF try giving the drive a sharp whack to get the disk to lay down in the tray.

remove the top cover of the 5045, move it close to you PC, connect the cables from you PCs drive to the drive in the 5045 and eject fro the PC.

The facia is attached to an 1/4 inch extension which is slipped onto the front of the drive tray, the spiggets that you mention are spring loaded and “hide” within the extension.

To remove the extension from the tray, you need to pull the bottom of the extension away from the drive tray and push up, I suggest that you focus on pulling the bottom with the facia clearing the top part from the case and push up to try and remove the facia and extension.

I’ve done to a 5007 with a dead drive without breaking or damaging anything, worth a try before resorting to the hacksaw.

Thanks CCROMRO, I have tried that but I think it is mechanically jammed, so I wondered if anyone had founds ways of removing the drive with the facia in place or any clues about eject mechanisms. I’ll try crazy’s eject.

Many thanks