Stuck behind iPrism

i was wondering if anyone knew howi could bypass my network admin. who uses St. Bernard - iPrism software. im at college and can’t get any connection using my favorite p2p. obviously, as some of you may relate, this can be a very annoying situation. so, i would love any help. thanks and caio

You could have a go with Proxifier. Have a quick Google for it.

Have you tryed HTTP Tunneling?


thanks a lot guys. proxifier seems to be working great for me.

god bless all

hey again,

i tried proxifier and HTTP Tunnel and neither one of them seem to allow me to connect to any p2p. any ideas? again, im behind my school network which uses st. bernard iPrism. man this is agrevating.

by the way…whats every one’s favorite media player? just wanted to see if there are any popular ones out there besides:
winamp, win. media player, musicmatch, or itunes.

caio and thanks again


Winamp is a great media player. Also, I thought you just said that Proxifier was working.

And you cant just change the porn number that your P2P uses. Often port 6881-6889 is blacklisted by organisations as these are the default P2P ports.

Ben, at first I thought you were talking about some sex hotline thing. LOL!

I am also stuck behind iPrism!!!

Proxifier DOES NOT work, nor does any other web proxy/anonymizer. They have EVERYTHING blocked, and anything that could help let me bypass it…

Any suggestions? I have heard about HTTP Tunneling, but don’t really understand it, and most resources are blocked as well.

I have been able to use Google Cache and Translate for some things, but it doesn’t work with any file transferring, etc.


ok ive got the same problum iprism will block http but not https!! :wink: just go look around u can find some =)

I justj want to break it:a

If you carry a laptop to college and really need to use P2P, probably the best option if you can afford it is to purchase a mobile data package that works on the mobile phone network (e.g. a 3G data card). While the college network will obviously provide a quicker connection if P2P traffic was allowed, most freely available proxy/tunnelling servies that get through the firewall will provide very limited bandwidth, likely a fraction of what would be available on a 3G HSDPA mobile Internet connection.

Another option if you have a PC at home with a broadband connection is to set up the computer for remote desktop capability and see if you can remotely connect to from a PC at college (e.g. Windows own remote desktop capability or with VNC software). If this works, you can start or manage your P2P transfers remotely and hopefully they’ll be complete when you return home. :wink: