Stuart little region2?



ok, i hope i get all this info right, i have a hp 640i DL light scribe burner with the latest firmware, and have had over 40 successful backups to this point, I am using the latest version of anydvd and the latest version of clone dvd.

Now here is where my problem is and i cant quite figure if it is anydvd clonedvd or my dvd rom drive but here goes

i backedup stuart little without any incident, the backup works perfectly on all dvd players including my pc, it even plays fine on my windows media player using the dvd codecs of course. Now i went and tried to make a backup of the backup and suddenly AnyDVD couldnt read the dvd or be able to check anything on it? in this case should i just disable anydvd and then use clone dvd to burn, (i was trying this method so it didnt have to compress it again) I mean its not that i cant make another backup from the original, and i can also rip it directly to my harddrive using the rip function in anydvd. Or i can insert the backup into my burner and it works fine? so what im trying to ask is where might my issue in this all be? ive come to three conclusions and im hoping one of you wiser and more experianced could point me in the correct direction.

im thinking it can be :
a> my dvd rom drive is degrading to the point the laser reader is breaking down
b> Anydvd is messing things up being on (altho i dont think it should get in the way)
or c>ive missed something in a step somewhere in my reading here and i need to read alil more.

now im sorry in advance if this is kinda all over the road, but ive tried to include all my checks and steps in so someone can give me a decent idea.


@ D3m0n,

There is no reason to have AnyDVD activated to make a copy of a backup copy. The copy protection has already been removed from the backup copy.

Just place the backup copy in your computer DVD device and activate CloneDVD and use “Write Existing Data” function of CloneDVD. Using the “Write Existing Data” function of CloneDVD you will not be recompressing the backup copy but will be just making a copy of your backup copy. Then select “DVD Movie Files” and point CloneDVD to the location of the backup copy that you want to copy.

CloneDVD should make a copy of your backup copy. If it doesn’t return to this posting thread and explain what problem you experienced when attempting to make a copy of your backup copy. Provide any error codes and notification narrative that might you receive.

Please state the versions number of AnyDVD and CloneDVD when making Forum postings to prevent any confusion as to exactly what versions numbers of AnyDVD – CloneDVD your actually using.

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AnyDVD 5.9.41

error message from clonedvd
DVDManager 5 3 invalid BookPartVersion

thats the error i recieve when i put the disk into my dvdrom drive, but it works fine ripping with anydvd from my dvdrw drive kinda weird, it wont even work using your method of write existing data with my anydvd off. the more i test this im begining to think my dvdrom drive may have a bad reader, or a degrading reader, it is 3 yrs old and the dvd burner is less than 2 months old


@ D3m0n,

Suggest placing the backup copy that you are attempting to copy in your DVD Burner and then proceed as suggested in my posting #2.

What type of blank DVD media did you use to record the backup copy? Also provide the Manufacture Name and Model Number of your DVD-ROM. It could be quite possible that you DVD-ROM is unable to read the particular type of DVD media that you used to record the backup copy.

Also another Forum Member had the “DVDManager 5 3 invalid BookPartVersion” problem about a year ago. It appears that it means that there is an error in the backup copy DVD disk. Below is a Forum posting concerning the “DVDManager 5 3 invalid BookPartVersion” notification.

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