Strontium 120GB SSD Reviews

Some review on Strontium 120GB HAWK SSD. For more details visit their website at

Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of these “strontium” branded Hynix SSDs. Its a shame that Hynix is forced to use a Sandforce controller in these even after they purchased controller designer LAMD.

Corsair’s neutron ssd’s w/ the LAMD controller are very fast. And apparently Corsair signed LAMD to an exclusivity agreement before Hynix purchased them.

Bummer. Hynix is forced to try to sell a Sandforce drive, and a slow one at that, until this agreement expires, apparently.

Strontium Hawk? I suspect that owners are scratching out the word hawk and writing in Penguin instead :doh:.

“strontium”, muhahaha.

They do brand their devices with even more weirdo names… :smiley:

It is an interesting choice in a name brand :). It may factor in to the problem they appear to be having in penetrating markets outside of their home base in Singapore, and apparently some sales in India and Taiwan/Asia.

In all fairness, their drive appears to manage middle of the road or better performance for a 128GB Sandforce drive in the real world oriented tests. But with the new low priced non-Sandforce drives from Corsair and OCZ to compete with, I expect they will continue to have an uphill climb into worldwide SSD markets until they can take advantage of LAMD’s controllers and offer competition at the Vertex 4/Neutron level.

At $115.00/$230.00 for 128/240GB shipped to the US, I don’t see them catching on over here. Perhaps they are more tempting closer to home?

I just can’t wait to see what they have coming in January.

At CES they should have an announcement.