Stronghold Legends DVD Back Up?

Does anyone know how to make a backup of Stronghold Legends? Its a DVD and when I scanned it with A-Ray Scanner it said “SecuROM detected -> F:\StrongholdLegends.exe”. I am using Alcohol to try and back this up.
If anyone knows Thanks in advanced. :wink:

I noticed that there are several threads on this subject, have you checked the suggestions offered in those threads?

Well I’m trying to back up Stronghold Legends most of those were Stronghold 2 and the only one that wasn’t didn’t tell you how to back it up if its a dvd, they used a cd version.
Any ideas? Thanks NaTH98

So does anyone know how to back up Stronghold [B]Legends[/B]? I have alcohol but I’m not sure if you can back up protected DVDs with it?
Thanks for any help :wink: