Stronghold Legends (Backup)?

OMFG!! I Can"t Believe I Am So Stupid I Was Trying To Copy Disc 1 When There Is No Protection On It, I Meant To Do Disc 2. Sorry For Waisting Your Time. I’ll Do It Again. :doh:

I got the DPM from CD 2 (the correct disc) and here is the .MDS file. (21.5 KB)

^ Looks fine. Go ahead with that one and see whether the game runs from a twinsector copy of cd2.

I burned the image abd every thing went well untill I tried to run it from the disc. The little “SecuROM” cd icon showed up but unfortunately it did not work as it gave me a message stating that I must “Insert the original cd not a backup”. Please Help.

P.S I did not re-install the game from the backup. Could that be the problem?

Did you remember to patch it with A-Ray scanner’s twincreator and then burn the patched image?

If not, and you burned the original unpatched image then you’ll need to enable RMPS emulation in alcohol’s emulation options if you want to run the game from that back-up disc.

Yes, I did patch the image and I burned that patched image onto a disc, but still no luck. :sad:

P.S Here is the patched image that I used to burn.

SHL_CD2(Patched).zip (230 Bytes)

Well if you’re not having any luck with the twinsector method I suggest that you try the RMPS emulation method.

But, wouldn’t this be detected by the game, because I heard my friend tried this for a different SecuRom protected game and it told him to turn of Daemon/Alcohol or un-istall these products.

Game Copy World and their forums have good info on backing stuff like this up.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I have already checked there, it still does not help as there is no information on how to backup this game.

You asked in their forums and they were unable / unwilling to help you?

I’m guessing it is not possible yet because no one has answered me back.

Sorry, dude. Sometimes they answer back with links to No CD patches and sometimes they post with good info about other tools. That’s how I learned about CD Mate and the Lite-On 2410b. Those were the days…

Have you tried it yourself. [Tip: Burn to a cdrw first.]

I have just tried it and still no luck :sad:

You got the latest Alcohol version installed? You enabled RMPS in the emulation settings? Otherwise your backup won’t work. Do you use any other burning or emulation tools on your PC where you try to launch the game from the backup, except Alcohol?