Stronghold Legends (Backup)?

I just recently bought an original copy of “Stronghold Legends.” Knowing my son and his destructive personality he likes to brake things. I was hoping someone can help me by telling me how to copy this game. I have scanned it with A-Ray scanner and it told me that there is SecuROM 7 present on the disc.

[14:16:01 PM] SecuROM detected -> E:\StrongholdLegends.exe
[14:16:04 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [11.68s] —
I have tried using the amazing tutorial written by: “philamber” ( but it did not work. :sad:

Please help me as soon as possible.


Is the original disc a cd or a dvd? What burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s, if any, do you have?

The original copy of this game is on 2 CD’s (Disc 1=No Protection,Disc 2=SecuROM 7). I have 2 drives one DVD-Burner and a normal DVD drive.
My DVD- Burner is a “TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B” and my DVD drive is a “LITE-ON DVD SOHD-16P9S.”

Hope this helps, THANKS. :slight_smile:

If using this method I suggest that you do the dpm analysis and make your image with your LITE-ON DVD SOHD-16P9S.

You should also install and run the back-up copy from that drive.

Are you sure this is going to work because i don’t want to waist a lot of time, and effort? :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Nope, but if you’re not prepared to put a little effort into making a working back-up copy, you can always just let your son use the original disc and then buy a new one when he trashes it. It’s entirely up to you. :wink:


I’m sorry i’m just very frustrated, because i tried so many times and it just won’t work so please don’t get mad at me, i was just making sure,but seeing how u prety much run this place you know what to do, THANKS I’ll try it out. :wink:

I followed your steps correctly and tried using this method as you insisted but some of these steps did not appear to happen.

For instance:

  1. The default options of a Twin Sector step of 15 and a maximum image size of 710 MB are generally ok so once you’ve selected both files, click “Start”. A pop-up box will then appear indicating where twinsectors will be inserted. Click OK and the patching process will commence. The module will tell you when it has finished and you can just then click on OK to close the module.
    The box that is supposed to pop up stating which peaks will be inserted in the image, it did not show me any peaks. (no numbers) :confused:

And one more example:

  1. At the next screen a pop-up will appear telling you that the image size doesn’t match to the lead-out recorded in the TOC and you will be given 3 options as to how to proceed. Choose the first one: “Keep TOC as on source CD, write until end of image file (recommended)” and click OK.
    This box did not appear. :disagree:


I keep trying but it just won’t work. :sad: Can anyone PLEASE help me?

Out of the +350 people viewing this topic, no one knows how to solve this problem. I am sure there is at least one person who can solve this so please post your replies and answers. This will be greatly appreciated. :flower:

It sounds to me as if you’ve failed to do the dpm analysis.

Post your .mds file so I can look at it and tell you whether it’s any good or not.

Which one the “original” or the “patched” one? :confused:

^ The “original” unpatched .mds file.

Ok, but how do you want me to post it? :eek:

Just zip it up and post it as an attachment.

Her is the “Original” .MDS file of the first CD of “Stronghold Legends.” (21.4 KB)

There is no dpm info typical of a securom protected cd at all in that .mds file so it’s little wonder that it didn’t work. Either it isn’t the play disc or you’ve failed to extract the dpm when making the image. Try again.

I tried to get the dpm from CD1(Install/PLAY Disc) agian and this is what I got, hopefully it worked this time.

SHL_CD1(1).zip (21.4 KB)

^ That .mds file also contains no dpm info typical of a securom protected cd.

However, according to our copy protection detectives, the protected disc (presumably also the play disc whatever is stated on the disc labels) is cd2. See here.

//edit: I’ve just seen from your own post that cd2 is the protected disc.