Stronghold is a pain in the ass to copy

This is one that am currently trying to copy and it has safedisc2 & and its driving me insane. I am about to open the damn hex editior and find the lines in the code for protection. Anybody else made a good backup of this??

Used clonecd 3.211 with a plex and it just freaking sits there after installation…

Maybe Ill figure it out

hai die hai,

I have a plex 12x10x32 scsi, the chip doesn’t support RAW and subchannel, I can not burn or read SD2
A friend of my has a plex 8x2x20 scsi, and he has the chip with the supported RAW and sub channel and can burn and read SD2 but can only play the backup copy in his burner!!

Don’t no if this even helps you, but…:slight_smile:

Just done with CloneCD and working beautifully…

FES on…
Correction… hardware
reading… I have done with two different speed. X4 and Max

AWS on…
Always close session … on
Writing… I have done with two different speed. X4 and Max

Hope it helps

Just found a interesting tidbit. I installed this game Stronghold from the original. Then the backup copy was put in and it played. I tried to install and play the game, but it did not work with a damn

Even though I copied successfuly but I had a bit strange problem…

I have two pcs at home. one with cd-rw, dvd-rom (which I actualy copied the game.) and the other with just dvd-rom.

it works with both of them, but the thing is I can play with pc (with dvd-rom alone) but I had trouble with the other one.

I did install and play the first time, and I uninstalled it.
I installed again and tried to play did not work. I turned it off and back on, and I could play it.

I am not sure if it is some kind of SD2 magic protection…Maybe I did not copy quite correctly.

No problem here. Just used CloneCD for the hard work :smiley:


just copy the files
burn the cd of the same name
include the crack from
you guys shure waste a lot of time trying
to make the perfect copy!!!

spend less time copying
more time playing the game
stronghold is great
on mission 10 now!

I made a copy of this on the plextor, I installed it using the original with a 52x creative lags(l meant labs). I give the original back to my friend, and play it from the back up copy. So that means that I did not get a good copy. But I have gotten where there is oil all over the ground(I think I am fighting the pig.).and archers all over the place. Real pain in the behind when you do not what the stuff is until your troops are almost nothing becasue you decide to run the entire hoard into the castle, and they all catch on fire