Stronghold 2 copying problems

i recently bought stronghold 2 for pc, and i wanted to make an image of the game so i dont have to use the cd when i play the game.

its got securom 7 protection on it and ive been trying to use clone cd and alcohol 120% the newest versions. i can get an image of the file but wen i try and play it in the virtual drive it comes up with the “emulation software is in use please disable it before playing” or somthing along those lines.

when i put the original cd in it will play alright, it dosnt come up with the emulation detection thing. i tried making an image of the game then patching it using the twincreator function in A-Rayscanner but that wont work either.

some help would be greatly appreciated.

Just make the image and then burn it back also with the RMPS settings. It will only work from the virtual drive if you install Anti-Blaxx.

Ben :slight_smile: