Strong growth in Europe and Asia helps Macrovision reach new milestone

I just posted the article Strong growth in Europe and Asia helps Macrovision reach new milestone.

 Webitpr used our    news  submit  to tell us that Macrovision, the company that is  known for their various copy-protections, has announced that the number of audio  CDs protected with their...
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CD MP3 players are becoming widely available now and most of these play multisession CDs. MP3 compatible Hi-Fi’s are also becoming more widespread. As MP3 compatible players tend to be based on CD-ROM drives, I’d wonder how long will copy-protected CDs be out for before a good percentage of the population can no longer play these on their new equipment :stuck_out_tongue: Oops. Either that or Microsoft will start making deals with Hi-Fi and portable player CD player companies to support the DRM in these CPRM CDs. :r

if its red book standard i can rip it, autorun isnt available by default on linux you need to choose to install it, as with everything on linux :slight_smile:

Do copy protected CDs matter? I’ve had no experience of them personally, but a friend said he copied one no bother with CloneCD. So the point of protecting the discs is? Surely there’s no point if they can be copied this easily? Is this the case? Anyone any experience in this matter? OK so you might not be able to rip to MP3 or whatever but if one’s copying to a CD-R that costs a few pence or cents what the hey…

i was wondering, if when i run windows (i dual boot mandrake 9 and win2k) could i image these copy-protected cds with clonecd and use another program to rip the audio out of those? im sure there must be a program to do it, if not someone should make one :stuck_out_tongue: