STRING "DVDHideConversionPicture"

STRING “DVDHideConversionPicture”

“True” Hides preview picture while converting and analyzing a DVD (Default: “False”)

Anyone know if this improves performance? One would think that it uses some extra CPU time to display the picture?

This was supposed to have been posted under the PIC update string. Sorry :confused:

I’ll cut and paste from another form a post I made…

IC DVDHideConversionPicture = false saves time
Ok did a movie on P4 2.53Ghz and it the following time:
DVDHideConversion = False (default) 1 hr 38mins
DVDHideConversion = True (hides video) 1 hr 32mins

So this settings set to true will disable the preview as it’s transocding. It saved me 6 mins. I think I’ll leave it set to True. This movie was 134 mins. On slower computers perhaps they could save up to 20 mins (just a guess) with this setting.

Make sure when you do your own test that you delete discdata.add and discdata.adi otherwise the second time you process the same dvd it won’t 5 phase quality analyze it. Also have that online transcoding database unchecked.

The real kicker about the DVDHideConversionPicture reg key is that it fixes the “black screen” freezes some people are having! At least it has fixed it for me and others I know about…

I was having these freezes, both during the analyzing and encoding phases, with some movies. When IC came out and this feature became available, I tried it right away. Success! All the movies I had problems with before worked perfectly now.

After corresponding with some other people who were also having the “black screen” freeze problem, it became clear to me that the cause of this problem stems from the video drivers for ATI Radeon cards. I was using the Catalyst 3.1 drivers when I was having these problems and after setting DVDHideConversionPicture to True, the problem went away. I have since upgraded to the Catalyst 3.2 drivers, which were released a few days ago, but have not re-tested to see if the problem is fixed by these new drivers. When it comes right down to it, I don’t care whether or not I can see a video preview as IC does it’s thing… I never sit in front of the computer for two hours and watch the transcoding process anyway. So I’m leaving DVDHideConversionPicture set to True, where not only is the “black screen” freeze problem gone, but there is a slight speed gain to boot!

Hope this helps everyone out there having the “black screen” freeze problems! :smiley: