Strengths & weeknesses of these DVD burners

I want to buy 8x DVD burner with most formats possible. Here are the drives I am evaluating:

LG GSA-4081B
NEC ND-2500A
Pioneer DVR-107
Sony DRU-530A

I am also concerned with burn quality, reliability and ability to read scratched media well. I like the LG burner because it does all formats but I am not sure about its reliability and other strengths/weaknesses. Any and all help in identifying strengths and weaknesses of each of the above burners will make it easier to decide.

I have read many posts to find answers but I am still confused. Regards,

Harana :confused:

Myself? I would buy a DVD-ROM drive to read media and buy the NEC-2500A.

Go here for a review on the Pioneer and NEC models.

The LG 4040B had write quality issues. I’m not sure if they have been resolved in the new model, but I would be wary.

The LiteOn 812S just came out and should be a contender as well.

There been some suggestions that the Pioneer has some write issues too (consistency), seems like the NEC has one of the best burns for a +/-other along with BenQ and Phillips, and HP all using the Philips chipset. The BenQ can do - at 4x, but it also has bitsetting. Look at C’t review.

What about Sony burner? Is it any good? There are some good reviews out there but they are not specific.

About NEC’s poor ability to read, does it impact its ability to write? If not, why not?

I recently got my NEC 2500a,

It’s brilliant, burnt around 15 DVDs so far, no coasters and brilliant quality.

Its a bit dodgy for playing DVD’s but that doesn’t matter cos i have a seperate DVD drive. Burns CD’s ok. I’m using datasafe ritek (G04), works fine for me despite the majority of people saying they don’t work well with the NEC, although they are a bit pricey.

Hope the choice you make, is the right one…

(I got my NEC from and my media from there, it is an excellent shop…)

In a recent review there was a report that +R DVD burned by NEC 2500 were not red by 7 of the nine DVD video players. Does it mean burn quality was not good?