StreetWars on TL39: Need help!



I have the Constructor:Streetwars game from TL39 and it does not work! It does work by the guy I got it from. I get a black screen, then it returns to my desktop. About a second later I get another black screen, then it returns to my desktop again.
After that, nothing happens. There’s also nothing in the <Ctrl><Alt><Del> saying that something related to the program is still running. Who can help me?

By the way: The register input seems alright too.

Got any ideas?


Mine worked fine! You must have installed directX 6.1 and maybe you need a 3d card!



I’ve got a TNT2!!!
I’ll try to install DX6.1 but I think I already have it installed.


Installed DX 7.0. Didn’t help.


I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe you got not enough ram or something.

I also installed the game on another computer and it worked fine!


It’s probably not the RAM: I’ve got 64 MB.