Street development?

I’ll get to the street development.

My 2 year old son is a picky eater (refuses to eat anything but treats, and fights cause he’s hungry buy refuses to eat any food (so its hours to get him to bed, almost every night). the one thing he will eat (loves the hell out of it), will eat it any time… German sausage (weistwurst). So I know that you have to have your boundries, but at 1:00am and he says hes hungry (after fighting him for hours and he refused to eat food!!!) Truth is, pains in the ass child, but feed him (NOT hungary), and he goes to sleep with only minutes of complaining…

Problem is, if I want to get that german sausage, I have to get it at kubys (A german delicatesan), the closest to me, in fact the only one in my area I know of…It would seem that there is an airport, and the bigest conglomerate of residential naborhoods in the way. So even though its probably about 12 miles away, its 2.5 hours and 10$ in gas (and I drive a dodge neon)???
This is the most major road
but its just the bigest street in a cripple zone for traffic. Its right next to an airport, as well as right next door to donw town dallas. Every time I have tried to drive it, from 9am to 7pm, its gridlock. these are not residental streets. I think they use thier efforts to slow highway trafic to residentail speeds, to make it seem so. During certain times of the day, it takes less time, to take a 10 mile or so deture, to stay on the highway, to get around. Realise, that takes you through down town dallas (traffic is not cute or fast, but it can still be faster).
This is what got me on this by the way
Save snider plaza, where there is a college, and it’s a throughfare for millions of cars a day!!! I had to walk 2 blocks on snider plaza to get my sausage so my son would eat (parking was that bad, no shock, how about some expansions, Oh wait, that would be wrong).

I know my sausage is not that important (that part is kind of the joke, gotta have my sausage), but I feel so sorry for those that have to travel through , or even live and try to drive, through that area…

It’s obvious that the city planners didn’t play Simcity2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

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On an unrelated note:
Who’s the adult in the relationship? And who’s the kid?
So who’s the boss? He’ll eat what’s he’s given, or he doesn’t eat :stuck_out_tongue:
Put your kid in his place, or he’ll be throwing tanties in shop aisles, and you’ll get those frown-down looks from parents who’s kids aren’t chucking tanties.
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advise from a man with no kids!!


i’ve got a fussy one year old whos teething…and let me tell you being sleep deprived and at your wits end…a 10 hour drive for sausage would be well worth the trip…

poor ripit…i told you when that baby was born…i’d be your wet nurse…and well we could take turns driving…but did you listen to me…NO!! …get some children’s nyquil…and a few nights of that…he will go to bed :wink:

I’d say only let him have the sausage if he is well behaved, if he throws tantrums and such, punish him and send him to bed. (lock him in if you have to :p) When a kid gets hungry enough, he’ll eat what he’s supposed to.

@debro, I got board with that game (nothing beter to do that cause disasters, can you win it?, civ is beter…
@wazzy, lock him in if you have to? Not possible. His steel crib/prison/bed, it comes upt to his chest, but he gets out…
If you must know, he goes feet first, works his way upsidown, till hee hooks a foot over the bars, then goes up and over…Our bigest problem, if he wants out, he gets out. I’m so afraid hell slip (5ft fall) and just snap his neck, we took the side off the crib, but on it went tonight, and over it he tried…Fyi this is a comercial steel crib/bed. Upsideone handstand and a little contortion…he gets out…

That is a little scary. Maybe you could trick him into eating other stuff…i’m still working on how, but i’ll get back to you…

fyi, sorry to anyone if came off bad (still recovering), I dont have rocky mountain spotted feaver (finally found info on if you didn’t take antibiotics, it takes 12 days plus to recover(lost 4 days work, deathly ill for 2, and I do mean deathly, so long story, its not that??? (probably liver and or kidney falure, I got the sighns???

There is no how, your are fucked!!! Onestly he eats cheesburgers, unless he sees the corner of the cheese, the he ripps the sandwwitch apart, picking cheese (even melted cheese) off it, and eating it, but the actual meat he is holding is abola…

Well i’m sure it’s just a stage…make sure he gets a few veggies…don’t want him to get scurvy :eek:

Actually, the doctor said, if he doesn’t eat, dont worry about it…he can basicall starve and be safe, if hes hungy, hell eat. Wife a vegie eater like you (no offence), he ate a small bowl of brochlie with buttter and parmesian…, ate noodles, then ate a sausage (hell always eat the sausage, not pork sauage, weistwurst…

Maybe you could use the sausage as a reward for eating other items. It’s worth a try. No offense taken btw, but i do eat meat :wink:

After 3 kids growing and having exactly the same behaviour I can give you 1 tip!Hungry kids eat ,and sometimes when theyre not growing,they wont eat a bit in 2days…

Your call :slight_smile:

i hate to be the one saying this cause i’m sure it will come back on me later…but why not try …rewarding him with the sausage…like hey son…you cleaned up your room…got dressed by yourself…and took a nap without fussing so …have some sausage for dinner…

SS i said kinda the same thing…so if someone backs it up on us :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll be on your side

we make a great kid bribing team :wink:

I’ll support that motion.

There has to be a give and take approach to this, if you give in all the time he will own you. Which can create difficulties through the growing stages.

:cool: :cool:


You don’t want to end up like cartman’s mum, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe we sure do :slight_smile:
if little brayden ever needs some bribing, i’d be happy to help out

I hear that after thirty days they’ll eat about anything. It’s just a matter of who has more patience.