Streamlining Games CD's onto DVD

Hi guys,

I’ve just back from holiday and on my travels I decided to buy some of the latest PC games at some truly unbelievable prices :wink:

Anyway, there was one slight drawback :sad:

Most of the titles I bought (Painkiller, Hitaman 3, Thief 3) are on CD, not DVD as some of them are available in the UK.

What I would like to do is put, for example the three CD’s of Hitman, onto one DVD? Is that possible? In the installation of the games they ask you to insert disc 3 etc. Once on DVD, would it just be a case of hitting return when prompted with this question? Seeing as though all the files needed will be on the same disc, in the same directory



Discussed several times before I believe.
You could try saving the images onto DVD and mount each of the images when you need them in a Virtual CD ROM (like Daemon Tools)

I thought maybe if i made 3x ISO images and then compiled them onto the 1x DVD it might work? Obviously I would loose things like auto-play (Maybe?), but it would be worth it to have everything on the one disc?

I’ll go and try it out.



A lot of games are copy protected. Simply copying the files onto 1 DVD will make unusable…I believe images that will be mounted is the only possibility to accomplish what you’re after…